How Can I Improve My Corporate Travel Management?

Executives and human resource managers can attest the simple fact that corporate travel management is time-consuming, costly and when things go wrong, it can be a disaster. The toll it takes on personnel is often only exceeded by the toll it can take on the company’s bottom line.

Why Do Companies Hire Experts for Corporate Travel Consulting?

Hiring an expert like Cataline Sales Incentives for corporate travel management takes the stress and high cost out of business travel, and ends the misplaced usage of management time on a function they aren’t trained to perform.

This is often an overlooked aspect of a company’s human resource and sales team-related functional infrastructure. Owners and executives often overlook the cost benefit of hiring a professional to handle business travel management, and “dump” the work on mid-level or high-level executive or manager who wasn’t hired for this role.

One loss is the time burn and waste, but corporate travel consulting is a field where the consultant’s expertise manifests in cost savings to the company. Corporate staff aren’t hired or trained knowing how to save money when they book hotels, arrange airfare or other transportation, or set up meetings.

When a company like Cataline Sales Incentives comes aboard, this cost inefficiency and time waste ends immediately.

What Are the Results of Not Using an Experienced, Knowledgeable Corporate Travel Manager?

The result? Overpaying for everything. Not knowing how to negotiate the best rate for airfare, hotels, transport, meals, rentals, services, and everything else.

Another result? A stressful trip where the economic benefits aren’t well-realized. Low morale when things don’t go well. Unneeded hassles, and everything affects the bottom line of your company.

Consider even the staff time cost of the person who has to spend hours arranging air fare, hotels, event locations, transportation, insurance, cost allowances and meals and other details.

Why Should I Hire Someone to Provide Business Travel or Corporate Travel Management?

There are some rather fundamental reasons to hire an experienced corporate travel management company:

  1. Cost Savings

Corporate travel experts have experience getting their clients everything they need at the lowest cost. Going with an experienced professional means cost savings at every turn—hotel, airfare, transportation, event rentals and more. They know the game and how to play it to get their clients the highest quality stress-free experience at the best price.

  1. Successful Corporate Group Travel Increases the Bottom Line

Many of us can immediately recall an instance of corporate group travel in which there were costly delays, the quality wasn’t up to snuff, or a minor planning detail was missed and it turned into a big deal. All of these unfortunate, avoidable occurrences negatively impact a company’s bottom line.

  1. Corporate Travel Management and Coordination is Best Done by an Expert

Corporate management and sales teams who have a very smooth travel experience realize both work and quality time when delays don’t occur. By any calculus, saving hours and creating time availability due to successful planning are revenue-positive. An expert is hired to get this job done, and the results can be measured easily so you can see how much money and time you save.

  1. Efficiency and Less Headaches

Beyond the benefit to your bottom line from a lack of glitches, delays and problems from poorly executed corporate travel, working with a corporate travel consultant or corporate travel management company means you don’t actually have to do anything.

What could possibly be more efficient? You hire someone to provide this service and all you need to give them is feedback and information. All of the hours emailing, phone calls, text messages arranging details of travel get handled.

And you can guarantee if you hire a company like Cataline Sales Incentives the travel itself will be more productive and pleasurable—all at a lower price.

Why Choose Cataline Sales Incentives to Handle Our Corporate Travel Management? H3

For over 25 years, Cataline Sales Solutions has been providing the highest quality and most affordable corporate travel management available today. We manage all aspects of corporate travel.

Please feel free to email us at contact@catalinesalesincentives or call us at (888) 337-2574 for a free short corporate travel consultation. If you let us know your needs, we can look at affordable options and explore whether Cataline may be the right fit for you and your business. If increasing revenue and saving money for all corporate travel management is on your agenda, we are already aligned. Reach out today!