How Can You Motivate Your Sales Team?

Winning Sales Incentive Plans from Cataline Will Motivate Your Sales Team

There are many types of sales incentive plans offered by Cataline Sales Incentives that we customize for your company’s needs to motivate your sales team.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for motivating sales teams. But as history has demonstrated time and time again, sales incentives plans are highly successful in providing measurable solutions at an affordable price.

Will a Group Sales Incentive Plan Help?

There is no question that a notably impactful method to motivate your sales team is to let Cataline Sales Incentives help you implement a Group Sales Incentive Plan.

Data has shown that group sales incentive plans work to motivate your sales team. It is not solely your higher performing salespeople who perform better when a catalyst like a group incentive sales plan is implemented.

Both your higher performing salespeople and lower performing sales people get a new source of motivation, and performance and motivation are contagious. When teams work together for a shared or common goal, the results are nearly always positive.

Using simply cost measurements, you can determine the cost/benefit to any group incentive plan and see how well your sales team is performing collectively with this extra motivation.

When you contact Cataline Sales Incentives, we can offer you a variety of options customized to your business to help you meet your goals. You will also be able to measure the degree of success you achieve when compared to the cost of the plan.

In our 25 years of creating and implementing these plans, our clients have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and incentivizing their sales team using group plans have often been one of the single largest motivating factors in this success.

What About an Employee Rewards System?

Some variation of employee rewards systems have existed since the modern workplace has existed. Many executives and managers have seen that even with a relatively small incentive, whether it be cash or a rewards card that rewards performance, it helps to motivate sales teams as well as individuals.

Often, it is the salespeople with a great potential but who haven’t performed up to expectation that benefit from an employee rewards system using cash or card rewards.

Can an Individual Sales Incentive Plan Help My Company?

Like with a Group Incentive plan, some employers prefer to utilize an individual sales incentive plan. At Cataline Sales Incentives, we will help analyze your particular situation and offer recommendations based upon years of experience that will incentivize your sales team.

It is possible that an individual sales incentive plan may be a good fit.  But with a salesforce of more than one individual, history has shown that group rewards and incentives can catalyze an entire group, not just one individual.

More and more, data is showing that group plans may be preferable and more dynamic for a sales team and the individuals within it for a variety of reasons.  But there are occasions in which an individual sales incentive plan may be the right fit for you and your company.  At Cataline Sales Incentives, we do a total analysis to serve our clients in which we structure, design, implement and monitor the best plans which fit your company goals.

Contact us today so we can help you select the most affordable sales incentive plan that is tailored exactly to meet your company’s needs and fulfill your revenue goals.  We can also be reached by telephone toll-free at 888-337-2574We are here to help you grow your company’s bottom line in any way we can.  We have 25 years of experience helping companies do just that.