How Group Incentive Travel Plans Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

What is a group sales incentive travel plan? 

Much like the name illustrates, group sales incentive travel plans are essentially a plan that incentivizes and motivates a sales team with the reward of a desirable travel plan for reaching and exceeding sales goals.  It is considered a “non-monetary reward” that recognizes sales people are motivated by a range of interests.  It is not meant to be an exclusive tool for motivation and will work in tandem with other rewards, including sales rewards and bonuses.

To be most successful, group sales incentives are often tied to company goals and the sales team understands how their results fit into the overall company plans for revenue and growth.

What is the purpose of group incentive travel? 

To motivate a sales group by offering them a trip that they want to take as a reward for their performance.  Once motivated, sales people often exceed expectations in ways that couldn’t have been predicted.  The group element leads to better comraderie, accountability, and increased motivation.

Does group incentive travel work? 

Precisely because of its history of success and the benefits companies and their teams have garnered, group incentive travel has an entire industry built around it.  It has been one of the most successful tools employed by business owners and executives to motivate sales teams and improve performance.  Since these plans have been instituted, they have become one of the primary tools to increase company revenue.

What are three rasons to use an expert like Cataline Sales Incentives for planning incentive travel? 

Security and a Smooth Experience for the Team 

One of the reasons it is recommended that you work with a partner like Cataline Sales Incnetives is to avoild having to personally deal with the inherent challenges related to running a group sales incentive travel program.  While for example, companies have returned to the implementation and execution of their annual group sales incentive plans, keeping the team safe and secure during a global pandemic like Covid-19 presents challenges that no company should deal with on their own.

In traveling with a group a group sales incentive travel professional like Cataline Sales Incentives is that over two decades of experience of dealing with transportation and hotel changes and disruptions, access to any needed goods or services, inclement or unpredictable weather and more.  No, we can’t change the weather, but we take all needed precautions to ensure the weather doesn’t become a problem for which no one is equipped.

Traditional Travel or Transformative Travel? 

While traditional tour-like travel remains an attractive motivational tool, more and more data by organizations like the nonprofit Incentive Research Foundation is indicating regardless of age, people are seeking travel experiences that will enrich their lives and change their perspective, often known as “transformational travel.”

Providers like Cataline Sales Incentives make it their mission to create transformative experiences for groups and work on the messaging that ties it into your company’s overall mission.

Designing a Program from Start to Finish  

Working with a group sales incentive expert like Cataline means you aren’t going to have a bad program put together, with less-than-optimal outcomes. 

We have the experience and the flexibility to understand how to create an effective program that relies upon our understanding of motivation and its connection to behavior.  It is not a one-size-fits-all field, so it is important that your provider can design a group incentive program from the establishment of the best rule structure possible to curating the reward that best fits your needs.

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