What Are Rewards that Motivate Employees?

Rewards that motivate employees come in different forms, shapes and sizes. In over 25 years of designing customized employee rewards systems for large corporations and mid-sized companies, there are some tried and true realities for employee motivation—but it starts with executives and managers committing to a system designed specifically for their company.

It has become clear to us at Cataline Sales Incentives that when a company begins to look at ways to implement sales incentives plans and rewards systems, they are taking a major step towards increasing revenue through sales growth.

This can be a very exciting step for both the executive and the sales team, because commission-based compensation has been shown to be only one cog in the machine.

Some of the top salespeople in our experience have been shown to be highly motivated by rewards that don’t take the form of solely a bit more money in their paycheck.

Creative approaches to employee compensation and rewards have been demonstrated to, time and time again, grow a company’s bottom line.

  1. Rewards that Motivate Employees: Group Sales Team Incentives

Sales team incentives can take many forms, and a group sales team incentive plan is typically a huge winner that leads to an increase in motivation.

When a group is collectively motivated, communication increases, sharing and cross-channel collaboration increases, and ultimately, a company’s bottom line increases.

Group travel incentives, in which a group is rewarded by meeting (or exceeding) a sales goal with group travel to a desirable location, is one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox of motivating employees.

  1. Rewards That Motivate Employees: Employee Rewards Systems

Employee rewards systems can take many forms—from gift cards to other prizes. Historically, employee rewards can often motivate sales staff who are not self-motivated or who need a small extra boost to get additional motivation. They also provide a nice “bonus” for self-motivated sales team members.

Because employee gift cards and other tangible types of cash rewards are customized to fit a company’s budget, the become an affordable technique to get more from your company’s sales force.

With Cataline Sales Incentives’ proven Employee Rewards customizable system, we help you determine the exact cost impact per dollars of revenue generated so company profit is tied directly to employee benefit.

There are no loose ends, no high costs, and no one is rewarded if they don’t actually perform themselves. For the lower-performing sales team members, rewards that motivate employees like these rewards can be an answer to what can be stressful and unsuccessful attempts at trying to get sales team members to improve performance.

  1. What are Some Other Pillars for a Successful Sales Team that Cataline Sales Incentives Can Help My Company With?

Cataline Sales Incentives has been in this game a long time. We have seen it all. Herein we can offer some tips on some critical components of sales team success that are often harder to implement—but are foundational in improving sales team performance:

  • Good leadership and organizational culture

The foundation for success for any organization isn’t just having high quality products and a ready marketplace. Salespeople are most successful when operating within a business culture that is supportive, structured, and responsive to their needs.

Salespeople spend all day making commitments and promises to prospective clients. Often, once a deal is closed, the salesperson is horrified to find that the company couldn’t deliver on the commitment made by the salesperson due to a dysfunctional part of the company that has nothing to do with their efforts.

Good leadership and a good culture ensure this doesn’t occur.

  • Having a good, experienced management team is essential.

Managers and executives who possess strong leadership skills, are good listeners and team players, and who create and execute on strategic plans that are both flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances are a good foundation for a sales team to be able to thrive.

  • Clear expectations and clearly defined roles for sales team are critical.

Sales people must know what is expected of them and there should be no overlap between roles within the company. Having a back-up and support infrastructure is critical, but sales people deliver best when they know what is expected of them and can rely on other parts of the company to help them deliver on their commitments.

  • Having the tools and capacity to perform and meet commitments to clients is essential

Being provided the tools to be successful by their management team is a critical component of a sales person’s success–from the most basic digital or non-digital marketing infrastructure and materials to having financial and other resources available as needed.

If, for example, a salesperson suggests that flying to see a prospect in person will help close a deal, it is shortsighted to not provide the salesperson the resources to make it happen. Looking to cut resources for a sales team is often a short-sighted result of poor management decision-making and leads to lower revenue and decreased profits.

Beyond any general insight or strategic assistance we provide to all our clients, the success in motivating sales team is ultimately realized by the “real world” tools Cataline Sales Incentives will provide your company. We tailor everything to your needs, your budget, and your goals. No wasted time, effort, or money. We do the work so you don’t have to. Contact us at contact@catalinesalesincentives or by phone at 888-337-2574 today for a brief free consultation. We can help see what might be the right fit to help take your sales to the next level.