Our Meeting Planning Services Will Impress Your Clients

Impress Clients and Save Money Top Quality Meeting Planning Services

For over two decades Cataline Sales Incentives has offered comprehensive meeting planning services to assist businesses in successfully achieving their goals when it comes to dealing with current or potential clients.  Our extensive experience in meeting and event preparation has been praised by clients on social media and in testimonials. We are passionate about ensuring our clients success, measurable in terms of reduced stress, financial savings, and clients being left highly impressed after on or off-site meetings.

Whether your meeting is local, national, or international, Cataline Sales Incentives has experience in making it the smoothest and most cost effective experience possible.   We know the “ins and outs” of making a meeting the most successful it can be, using all of the tools in the toolbox for success.

We also provide corporate travel policy guidelines to better the experience of business travel and accommodation. To learn more about our corporate meeting planning services, contact us today.

Sales and corporate meetings have evolved from the days when a coffee, a snack platter, and a strong sales presentation seal the deal. Now you have to go above and beyond to close the sale or make the right impression. For your company to truly stand out among the competition, you need to ensure your sales and corporate meetings get taken to the next level. With the help of the Cataline Sales Incentives’ meeting planning services, you can plan and execute your next kickoff meeting, sales meeting, or executive retreat and make it a truly unforgettable experience. 

Make Your Meetings A True Destination

When it comes to corporate meetings that require bringing a large group together in one place and having every step of the process planned out in advance, it can be overwhelming for one person to tackle. With our help, we can find hotels that can accommodate your group, and with our on-site meeting logistics, we can help you plan out the entire event. We can develop proposals that outline pricing for the hotel, food and beverage logistics, lodging, and everything in between necessary for success.

On-Site vs. Off-Site Dinners

Most meetings will be remembered for what kind of food you provide. As insignificant as it may seem on the surface, it’s a scenario where an excellent meal can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. If the hotel you choose doesn’t have an on-site restaurant, we can help with food and beverage arrangements! If there is a local restaurant nearby that you think will help take your event over the top, we can help secure their services for you! 

Á La Carte Choices for Your Every Meeting Need

Every meeting will be different, and you’ll have different needs each time. Sometimes you’ll have easier meeting prep and will only need help with arranging food and beverages. Other times you’ll have more complex logistics and may need help with securing flights, lodging, and other unforeseen expenses. Whatever the situation, our team can help you plan out the meeting and ensure that you are ready to put your best foot forward.   We handle any and all aspects our clients desire for corporate travel management, group travel planning and all of the components of the physical meeting itself; our approach is to do as much or as little as our clients need.  No matter what your needs, using a professional meeting planning services provider like Cataline Sales Incentives is proven to be both financially and strategically intelligent.  Choices like this pay off in ways that often show themselves at a later date–but the cost savings can be seen immediately.

Having planned countless meetings and understanding the logistics of having every detail handled and planned for, we have made the “well-designed meeting” an art form. There is an art to organizing and executing a well-designed meeting, and arranging the hotels, transportation, food, and the meetings themselves can be overwhelming. With Cataline Sales Incentives’ joining your team, we can help you organize and execute the vision for your meeting and ensure that all the attendees have a positive and memorable experience. Contact us to learn how we can help you plan your next meeting today.