Cataline Sales Incentives Provides Full-Service Group Travel Management For Customized Premier Sporting Events

Group Travel Management

Full Service Group Travel Management Means No Stress for you

In addition to all of the revenue-generating incentive plans Cataline Sales Incentives provides, we are also a full-service group travel management company which offers customized packages tailored to each client’s unique tastes and preferences. We do this while still maintaining our original founding values of providing personalized attention before anything else.

One of our most popular group and individual travel packages are for sporting event individual or group events, available around the country. We offer a variety of sports packages including collegiate level games as well as hockey, basketball, golfing and football games among others! You have your choice from baseball to horse racing – there’s something out there that will interest everyone on this trip.

Cataline Sales Incentives designs, manages, and executes your event so you can spend your time connecting with guests and attendees.

Our Approach to Corporate Sporting Events

Clients select us for our knowledge and experience, and depend upon us to create incredible events rooted in strategy and delivered flawessly. We develop an event strategy and approach, supported by the best vendors and other professionals, hand-selected for excellence, reliability and continuity with the corporate or group event objectives.

Cataline Sales Incentives delivers events built with style and substance, able to engage the audience on many levels. We carefully choreograph the event to keep the guest experience fresh and interesting.

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Corporate Sports Travel Packages

Sports of all kinds continue to grow in popularity, and it’s probable your company currently employs an assortment of sports fans in varying positions. What better way to reward your staff than with a corporate sports travel package from Cataline Sales Incentives?

We offer a variety of corporate sports travel packages that would be ideal motivators for your employees. From football, baseball, and basketball to tennis, golf, and horse racing, Cataline Sales Incentives has designed an exclusive selection of company sports travel packages aimed at providing the total corporate sporting experience. We plan all the elements of travel, hospitality, and other accommodations through our corporate partners, creating a seamless and exciting adventure for your staff.

Cataline Sales Incentives’ corporate sports travel packages enable your business to offer the highest quality trips to your top performers. Our hospitality services are also an ideal gift for special occasions and can be an excellent replacement for monetary bonuses.

The Corporate Sporting Experience

Cataline Sales Incentives’ carefully organized company sports travel packages encompass all aspects of a successful trip. We handle travel planning, booking accommodations, meals, and, most importantly, obtaining tickets to the sporting event. Reward your top performers with some of these exclusive events:

The Super bowl is an American pastime. For decades, Americans have enjoyed their weekends by watching a favorite football team in the NFL. What better way to reward your employees than with one of our exclusive football excursions?

  • Corporate Trip to the Super Bowl (A Premier Super bowl Travel Package)
  • NFL Draft Package
  • NFL London Games
  • NFL Mexico City Games

In recent years horse racing has gained significant popularity in the sporting community. Often, the Kentucky Derby and other horse racing events are out of reach due to their exclusivity. Cateline Sales Incentives offers corporate sports travel packages for the most elite races in the sport, including:

  • Kentucky Derby Corporate Packages (Male Horses)
  • Kentucky Oaks (Female horses)
  • Preakness Stakes
  • Belmont Stakes
  • Breeders’ Cup (Year-End Championship of Top Racehorses)

With a revered standing around the globe, a premier corporate tennis sporting travel package is the ultimate gift to a standout employee. Our pre-planned tennis events include all of the Grand Slam Championships:

  • US Open
  • Wimbledon
  • French Open
  • Australian Open

With college sports being an integral part of the modern sporting community, college basketball has become the pinnacle of team-based performance at a university level especially during the Final Four. Reward your employees with a comprehensive college basketball travel package to games such as:

  • NCAA Corporate Trip to the Final Four
  • NCAA Championship Game

The bowl games for college football have become a tradition in America. Cateline Sales Incentives offers a wide range of travel packages to top-level college football games that include:

  • College Football Championship Game
  • Rose Bowl Packages
  • Sugar Bowl
  • Orange Bowl
  • Cotton Bowl
  • Peach Bowl
  • Fiesta Bowl

Nascar and Formula 1 have both enjoyed year after year of success as their fan base grows. Your employees will thoroughly enjoy a trip to one of these premier motorsport events:

  • Nascar – Daytona 500 Package
  • Nascar – Indianapolis 500 Package
  • Formula 1 – Monaco Grand Prix
  • Formula 1 – Italian Grand Prix

Nothing says the thrill of sports than the screech of sneakers on a hardwood court. The NBA continues to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. You can gift your employees one of our complete sports travel packages to the playoff games, including:

  • NBA All Star Game/Weekend
  • NBA Finals

Do you have hockey fans at your company? When your staff meets their goals, reward them with watching goals from their favorite NHL team at the following championship level events:

  • NHL All-Star Game/Weekend
  • Stanley Cup Finals

Soccer has become a symbol of teamwork and endurance around the globe. Soccer embodies the ability of individuals to work together to meet a common goal. Gift your employees with the experience of a lifetime traveling to one of these soccer games:

  • Men’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup

Does your business have a fighter on the team? Someone who overcomes adversity and triumphs when others would fail? It’s time to compensate them for their hard work with a trip to one of these exciting combat sports:

  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • WWE

The pinnacle of achievement in sports is winning a medal at the Olympic Games. Now you can share this experience with your employees by giving them a corporate sports travel package to one of the following international events:

  • Winter Games
  • Summer Games

Last but certainly not least, Cateline Sales Incentives offers an exclusive travel package to the most well-known cycling event in history. Your top-performing employees can enjoy an all-inclusive trip to France to witness:

  • Tour de France