Motivate Your Sales Force With a New Employee Rewards System

In today’s economic client, offering a new employee rewards system to your team is just what your company needs.  Employee rewards systems motivate your employees, improve staff efficiency, and increase productivity. Your sales force is the foundation of your business and rewards systems have been proven to motivate employees to reach and exceed company goals you establish

motivate your sales team
Cataline Sales Incentives offers many options to implement a new employee rewards program at your business. With over 25 years of experience, our team has developed easy-to-use sales team incentives that will motivate your employees. With our help, your sales force will increase their productivity and be motivated to pursue sales goals, building your business. Our incentive-based employee systems will also allow you retain key talent within your organization. A properly implemented retention program reinforces a team-based culture with long-term results in building consistent revenue streams. With our employee rewards system, any firm can introduce an affordable recognition system for employees with little effort yet big payoffs for your bottom line.

Why Use Rewards That Motivate Employees?

Successful companies have been using rewards that motivate employees for as long as they have existed. Your top performers are already efficient and motivated to increase sales for the company. Yet, from our 25 years of experience analyzing performance of sales teams at all levels, we estimate approximately 60-80% of your sales force is underperforming and not meeting their full potential. With an affordable new employee rewards program, your firm can implement an easy-to-install and monitor program to encourage growth from the underperformers.

job rewards programs

Recognizing Employees With a Job Rewards Program

A successful job rewards program will pay for itself in as little as a few months. Motivated employees will meet and exceed their sales goals in order to be recognized for their achievements with prepaid rewards cards that are cost-effective and easy to implement.

With prepaid cards, your staff will be able to increase their earnings potential with improved performance.

Here are some of the benefits of using a rewards card program for your business:

  • A cost-effective solution to motivate and reward your staff.
  • Varying denominations of prepaid cards can be implemented to reward your sales force and increase customer interactions.
  • Reward cards are perceived as a greater value than monetary equivalents.
  • Offering prepaid cards improves the engagement of sales channels by employees and develops new customer opportunities.
  • Reward cards can be custom branded to display your company name and logo.
  • Branded prepaid cards are versatile and can be used for any number of company programs.

employee travel prizes

Using Employee Travel Prizes Improve Performance

Employee travel prizes are another proven technique to reward your employees for good performance and motivate underperforming sales staff to meet their sales targets. Our employee travel prize systems are specifically designed to give your business a flexible and efficient way to recognize your team’s achievements, rewarding your sales force, and retaining top-performing employees.

For over a quarter of a century, Cataline Sales Incentives has been developing new employee rewards programs for corporate implementation. Our strategies are a cost-effective and adaptable approach to rewarding good employees for their performance.

Cataline Sales Incentives is one of the industry leaders in designing, implementing, and monitoring employee rewards systems on behalf of our clients.  We also offer meeting preparation services and company group incentive travel packages to further enhance your business’s profile and increase profitability. Use our corporate travel policy guidelines to implement successful sales campaigns. Take your company’s performance to the next level and contact Cataline Sales Incentives to learn more about our proven methods to enthusiastically motivate your sales team!



Frequently Asked Questions / FAQS

How do sales incentive programs motivate employees?

An incentive program can help to encourage an underachieving workforce to go the extra mile, giving them a newfound sense of appreciation.  In addition, an incentive program can motivate your employees to work more productively, or manage their time more carefully, resulting in increased profitability.

Can you give an example of a case study you have worked on?

Many companies have benefited from our experience; however, one company felt their sales force was underachieving and that a complete reboot of their sales force was necessary.  After strategizing with this company, our suggestion was to offer their employees a group incentive program, with a program launch date, monthly program marketing materials, and an intriguing destination that motivated that same sales force to grow the company sales by 11%.

Can sales incentives programs be used to motivate all of my staff, not just my sales force?

Sales incentive programs are not exclusively for your sales force, they can also be used for administration, inside sales and company safety.

Don’t these programs somehow affect morale for those who don’t “win” or achieve the goals?

Actually, the opposite is true, when you offer an obtainable Incentive Program to your sales force and individuals don’t qualify, it actually motivates them more to do whatever is necessary to qualify for your next Group Incentive Trip.

Do they work in large and small businesses?

Yes, there is no difference, every person in sales needs to be motivated to achieve your company goals, the only difference is that larger companies, would probably opt for a Group Travel Program, whereas smaller companies, would probably opt for an Individual Incentive Program.

How often can we assess whether they are working?

If we are monitoring and updating your sales figures for you, we can update this daily.

Do you set up systems for me to measure the success of the program?

Absolutely, however our goal is for the incremental sales that our program creates to completely pay for your Group Incentive Trip.

Are they expensive?

The minimum suggested Incentive trip per person to motivate someone is $2,500.00.

What if there is no improvement in sales or revenue after the incentive program gets implemented?

There is always improvement when you offer your sales force a travel incentive program, however, there are many ways to structure your program so it’s best to consult with a true incentive travel professional.