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Eliminate stress and Save Money with Our Top Quality Meeting Planning Services

Cataline Sales Incentives offers comprehensive meeting planning services to assist your business in putting its best foot forward when it comes to dealing with current or potential customers.

With our extensive experience in meeting and event preparation, Cataline Sales Incentives provides a unique and efficient way to prepare for off-site or on-site business meetings.

Whether your meeting is local, national, or international, Cataline has experience in making it the smoothest and most cost effective experience possible.  

We also provide corporate travel policy guidelines to better the experience of business travel and accommodation. To learn more about our corporate meeting planning services, contact us today.

corporate meeting planning preparations

Corporate Meeting Planning 

With Cataline Sales Incentives on your side for corporate meeting planning, your company can schedule a meeting and leave the preparations to us.

Our expert team of advisors will tackle all aspects of your meeting or conference.  Consider the many articles that have been written that outsourcing company meeting planning can provide huge cost and time savings.  

We can also act as an outsourcing service if your company requires a particular service to be met outside your standard planning procedures. Your firm can concentrate on business rather than the formalities of planning a client meeting. We have implemented a Strategic Meeting Planning Checklist that covers all the details of successfully holding a productive group interaction with your customers.

Our meeting planners will remain in constant communication with your business, offering logistical options and planning around your requirements. 


  • Meeting Design
  • Hotel Sourcing & Site Selection
  • Hotel and Vendor Negotiation & Contracting
  • Registration Website Development & Management
  • Hotel Accommodation and Rooming List Management
  • Air Travel Management
  • Ground Transportation Coordination
  • Food & Beverage Selection
  • On Site Management
  • On Site Staffing
  • Offsite Event Planning
  • Recreational Activities Coordination & Onsite Management
  • Budget Management – Accounting & Program Reconciliation
  • Attendee Communications 
international meeting planning

International Meeting Planning

Cataline Sales Incentives offers international meeting planning services aligned with all of your goals.  We provide professional meeting preparation services and consultation to meet your  business needs. With our staff’s experience of delivering high-quality corporate meeting planning services and outsourcing provisional requirements, we offer a complete and polished meeting or conference experience that seamlessly works with your intended purposes for the event.

Cataline Sales incentives has been providing international meeting planning to companies at the highest level for decades. Our clients have realized cost savings, the elimination of stress, and an increase in productivity during international meetings to an extent that wasn’t possible when they handled them in-house. 

Our logistics and meeting preparation services often tie-in with a range of travel incentives programs, including group travel incentive plans and other travel incentive programs.  This gives us a level of expertise that saves our clients money while removing costly stress which obstructs an important business trip or corporate meeting.

We realize your business is already busy planning the goals of a scheduled meeting with existing or potential clients. Cataline Sales Incentives’ meeting planning services will handle all aspects of the conference from air travel, hotel accommodations, meeting design, and all the logistics required to make a successful on-site or off-site corporate meeting.  Leave the preparation and planning to the team at Cataline Sales Incentives. With our Strategic Meeting Planning Checklist, your business can concentrate on its core purposes of profitability and growth.

If you are planning a small or large corporate meeting, conference, or product launch, trust the event planners at Cataline Sales Incentives. Our meeting planning services will provide the logistical support and consultation business needs to rise to the top and exceed expectations. 

For more information about Cataline Sales Incentives and the meeting preparation services we provide, contact us today.


Frequently Asked Questions / FAQS

What does your “company trip planning services consist of?”

  • Work with Qualifiers to Book their Airfare
  • Source and Negotiate your Annual Incentive Trip or Sales Meeting
  • On-Site Vendors Negotiate all your On-Site Vendor Contracts
  • On-Site Transport Coordinate all your On-Site Transportation Needs
  • Registration Provide Registration Services
  • Entertainment Bring in the Right Entertainment for your Private Events
  • On-Site Logistics Escort your Group and Manage all Program Logistics on-site

I have wanted to take our sales staff on a company trip for years but have never had the time.

We offer three different Group Travel Trips, one would be a “Recognition Trip, which companies offer to their employees for a job well done.  The second trip would be an “Incentive Trip”, where a small or large group attempts to qualify based on a minimum percentage of an increase in sales within a specific qualification period.  The last trip would be a “Individual Travel Incentive” which allows each person that qualifies to pick their own destination, date and who they want to travel with.

Are you able to take all of this responsibility off of my hands?

Yes, we offer complete group travel services for Travel Incentives, Individual Incentives as well as company Meetings.

We take our executive staff on a trip every year, but have not done this due to COVID-19 concerns and the complications arising from it.  What specific steps does Strategic take to ensure we are compliant and, most importantly, are all safe?

Our company abides by the CDC regulations on all travel destinations.  In the event after your group trip has been booked, that an unforeseen circumstance such as Covid-19 reappears, we will work with all the contracted vendors, as well as your trip qualifiers, to advise them of the current situation and recommend a plan for moving forward.       

I have been planning my own company travel for years and it has been a terrible hassle.  I am ready to hand this off to someone else.  Are the services you provide expensive? 

Yes, our services are very expansive, we are the partner that companies rely on when initiating or reoccurring Group Travel for Incentives, Meetings or Events.  In addition, our meeting planning services can be purchased on an ala-carte basis.  For more information please call (888) 337-2574 or contact us now.